Protect your life style

Legacy and estate planning.  These tactics are important for both married and single individuals, especially as you plan for the distribution of personal and business assets. By preparing for and having the appropriate solutions in place, these strategies can help minimize the impact of taxes and expenses while maximizing distributions to heirs, third parties, or charities.  Preservation techniques involve both estate and business planning. Numerous effective techniques are available to help you successfully transfer your wealth, on your own terms.

Provides an overview of  how gifting strategies can help you meet your legacy and estate goals.

We’ll help you understand how using life insurance can provide for heirs who are non-active in the business, while keeping the business intact for your heirs who will continue the business.

Providing for a family member with special needs. Highlights the keys to helping secure the financial future of a family member with special needs.

 Business succession planning.  Business Succession can help you successfully transition out of your business, on your own terms. We offer various strategies, customized to your unique needs and characteristics:

This guide helps outline three basic buy-sell options—cross purchase, entity purchase, and wait and see—as well as provides other items for you to consider.